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Many of the sales enquiries we get from privately owned restaurants, hotels, and fast food takeaways ask the same question, and that is


Most cleaning companies will say YES, but unfortunately for you, the customer, this answer can be unhelpful. The reason you are asking the question is nearly always because your insurance company or landlords insurers have asked for it.

Although they have asked you for a copy of this certificate and you have then got the work done and given them the certificate, that does not mean your duct and extraction/ventilation system has been cleaned. It may still be a fire risk, and if you do have a fire in your kitchen, your insurance will ask for further proof your system was cleaned. They will ask if it was cleaned to TR19 standards, and specifically if you have photographic evidence, a schematic drawing of your system, grease measurements before and after the clean, and a report highlighting any inaccessible areas. If you can’t provide this they will NOT pay out.

So when you are looking to appoint a company to deep clean your kitchen ventilation and duct, don’t just ask if you will get a cleaning certificate, ask if you will get a report, schematic drawing, photographs, grease measurements.

If your cleaning company cannot provide you with this, your certificate is not worth the paper it is written on.

Impact Hygiene will always provide the above on every job. We cover your back and look to build long term relationships with our customers. For free advice on the above, please do not hesitate to get in touch. or call us 01204 811018. Ask for Ian

Ian Thompson