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Equipment Cleaning

Equipment Cleaning

Commercial Kitchen Equipment Cleaning

Here at Impact Hygiene, we ensure that commercial catering environments such as kitchens, food halls, food areas and canteens adhere to the highest standards of hygiene and condition. Deep cleaning your kitchen helps to maintain a high standard of hygiene, keeping you compliant with legislation and ensuring that the food you produce is cooked in the correct way and is safe to eat.

If you are looking for expert and professional equipment cleaning that is affordable and high quality, look no further than Impact Hygiene. With our team of specialist, we are able to meet all your needs when it comes to the cleaning of your kitchen equipment.


The Benefits Of Having Your Equipment Cleaned


Most commercial kitchens are packed with a wide range of equipment and supplies. Our commercial kitchen equipment cleaning service helps to keep your appliances in the best shape possible and reduce the risk or breakdowns.

Equipment Cleaning

Here are the benefits of our equipment cleaning service:

Increased Hygiene – The process of having your kitchen equipment cleaned can prevent cross-contamination and spread of bacteria. This means that your kitchen will increase its level of hygiene throughout your commercial catering environment and as a result could reduce the number of complaints that your business receives.


Reduces Food Bourne Diseases – Foodborne illnesses are a major issue for catering environments, they can occur if machines which are used to prepare food, surfaces and cutlery are not cleaned adequately. Impact Hygiene are able to prevent foodborne diseases in your commercial kitchen.


Minimise The Risk Of Pests – Keeping the cleanliness of your kitchen to a high standard will prevent the infestation of pests. Here at Impact Hygiene, we recommend carrying out a deep clean every six weeks in order to stop pests and rodents from entering your kitchen.


Maintains Food & Safety Regulations – Ensuring that your catering environment complies with food and safety regulations is crucial as id these regulations are not complied with, your organisation could be prosecuted.

Do not hesitate to contact our team for extensive cleaning services and your kitchen equipment cleaning. Call us today on 0161 274 9572