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Kitchen Hygiene

Kitchen Hygiene & Cleanliness

Poor storage, and lack of cleaning up are the major cause of infestations in commercial kitchens. Although an uncomfortable subject, many restaurants suffer from pest infestations from time to time. In the modern age, the problem is as bad as its ever been.


Restaurants and commercial kitchen premises will spend fortunes on pest control eradication programmes, only to see the problems come back a short time later.


Any pest riddance programme has to coincide with some form of deep clean or regime of cleaning. Its not rocket science but in simple terms if a pest has a choice of eating poison pretending to taste like real food, or the actual food itself, it will choose the food every time.


So we have to remove the food source, clean the grease and food debris, pull out cookers, shelving,fridges etc, and thoroughly clean underneath and behind.


This regime of cleanliness needs to be maintained on a daily basis in addition to regular kitchen equipment, and structure deep cleans at regular intervals.


At Impact Hygiene we have a holistic approach to these issues and often work in tandem with IPS – Integrated Pest Solutions –

Kitchen Hygiene
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