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Duct & Ventilation Cleaning

AHU Duct & Ventilation Cleaning

All ductwork and ventilation systems can build up unwanted dust and associated debris which can cause harm to the building’s users. A regular programme of cleaning and maintenance can reduce sickness, and absenteeism, create a healthier working environment and also reduce your costs as dirty systems will be less efficient.

Duct & Ventilation Cleaning

Your Responsibility

What is also a big concern is the very real threat to building managers of prosecution if they don’t comply with Regulations and associated Approved Code of Practice from the Health and Safety Commission which states that all mechanical ventilation systems should be regularly and properly cleaned, tested and maintained to ensure that they are kept clean and free from anything which may contaminate the air.

Duct & Ventilation Cleaning

Clean Ventilation & Ducting

Impact hygiene use a variety of cleaning methods, dependant on the job, from extraction devices along with specialised mechanical brushes, air jets and manual methods, Hygiene Contracts can remove all types of contamination and where microbiological contamination is an identified issue we can introduce biocidal cleaning.

Our Duct Cleaning Services

Impact Hygiene can ensure this by providing a complete duct cleaning service in accordance with Document TR19, the leading guidance document issued by the B&ES Association

We can offer a free survey, and report of your system, and provide a bespoke duct, and fan cleaning service. We can also provide replacement filters, and fit access panels in order to inspect and clean your system. All our work is insurance compliant


Impact Hygiene will also provide:


  • Measurements of dust built up taken by our state of the art digital Elcometer.
  • Produce computer reports and graphs ensuring highly accurate data.
  • Recommendation report including pre and post clean photos.
  • Hygiene Certificates.

Before and after pharmaceutical ducting, cleaned using rotary duct brush and negative air movement

Duct & Ventilation Cleaning
Duct & Ventilation Cleaning

How we test the duct in an AHU for cleanliness.

If you feel as though your organisation could benefit from AHU duct and ventilation cleaning, please don’t hesitate to give Impact Cleaning a call today on 0161 274 9572